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Our Chimney Services


Wood heat is a cozy, inviting warmth on a chilly winter evening. We sometimes forget why we ever switched to other heating systems. But wood heat can become unsafe and hazardous if ignored or abused. Wood burning appliances always require regular maintenance to be safe and reliable.

MasterSweep offers year round service doing inspections and cleanings.  Between August and February are our busiest months, and we usually need to schedule appointments in advance. We offer Preferred Customer discounts during the slower season from March through July.  In those off season months, we may be available to do repairs or maintenance as well (please ask).  This is a very seasonal business, so we take time to recover and do other work from April through July as well.

Here at MasterSweep, we focus on only wood heat and chimneys.  We have over 45 years combined experience in the industry, and are very good at our jobs!  If you're looking for expert wood technicians, we are the company for you. We don't offer services cleaning your yard, driveway, windows, or gutters.  

Basic Maintenance and Sweeps:

One open fireplace, woodstove, or insert with a connected chimney is $150 - $180 + gst for a full sweep.  This includes a sweep from the roof down, a sweep and vacuum from the bottom up to clean the firebox (and the smoke shelf when necessary), as well as a visual evaluation of the system to make sure everything is okay.

Pellet appliances usually require a different service.  At this time, we do not offer pellet appliance servicing or cleaning.

Unusually high or steep roofs may cost more, as does extra travel time if the home is outside our regular service area.  If you need a more in depth cleaning or inspection, see below for details.

WETT Inspections:

Safety inspections are an important service we offer. Many levels of safety inspections can be done, and it is good to be aware that not all inspections are the same. During the course of a regular sweep, the technician will do an evaluation of any readily visible areas of the system. This is the most basic form of assessment, and usually reveals serious problems.  Cost is included in the price of a basic sweep above.

WETT Certified Inspections for insurance or home sale/purchase purposes are also available.  A Level 2 WETT Inspection covers all areas necessary to be considered an "insurance" or real estate inspection, including filling out either the insurance company's forms or our own WETT checklist forms.  We also have the equipment to conduct more in depth Level 3 or "forensic" WETT inspections where necessary.  The "Chim Scan" Internal Chimney Inspection Camera (special closed circuit tv and camera) allows us get a closer look at chimney flues. The camera allows us to inspect the chimney from a range of just a few inches, as well as from the top and bottom. This type of inspection is not needed with every chimney sweep, but may be necessary if the customer or technician suspects certain problems.  It is important to note that even the most thorough inspection may not reveal all problems. Some areas of the chimney may not be accessible due to the construction of the house. Be sure to discuss any specific concerns with your technician. The chosen inspection level will reflect your comments and concerns.

WETT inspection prices:

Level 2: for insurance purposes: $180 + GST per system

Level 3: forensic: starting at $350 + GST and going up from there.

Prices are additional to any sweeping charges, and are invoiced whether they pass or fail.

Third Stage Creosote Deglazing:

Some chimneys may require a more in depth cleaning, know as a creosote "deglazing".  This may be needed if the creosote has built up in thick tar like layers.  Glazed on creosote is a serious chimney fire hazard, and should be removed.  We have a specialized rotary mechanical tools to safely remove the build up.

Experience is critical with mechanical deglazing, as it is common for less experience technicians to damage the chimney during the creosote removal process.  Safety is also super important, both to protect your home and our technician's well being!  We have over 20 years experience using this particular deglazing system, and we have proper rigging and staging for roof safety.

A rotary mechanical deglaze starts at $450+gst and goes up from there.  The final price depends on the amount of time spent deglazing the chimney.

Other Services:

We can do the cleaning and prep work necessary before a new appliance gets installed.  We  install raincaps, animal screens, and spark arresters. The services mentioned above vary in price, and are not available during our busiest season, but may be available in April, May, or June. We are happy to provide consultation services for homeowners wishing to do-it-themselves, but needing a little professional advice. If you do not see the service you need here, please call and we will see what we can do.