Chimney Service Faqs

How much do you charge?

Please contact us to find out prices.

When can you come?

We are a seasonal business, so that depends on the time of year and on how much demand there is for our services at the moment. Our busiest months are April through June and September through December. July and August we generally do a summer shut down, due to the heat.

Where do you provide service?

Our area covers the Greater Kelowna Area : Kelowna, West Kelowna, Winfield and Joe Rich.

How can I check if my sweep is WETT Certified?

Sadly, there are fraudulent people out there saying they are “WETT Certified” when they are not. You can go to and enter the search parameters “Chimney Sweeping”, “Kelowna”, and “BC” , leaving the remaining fields blank. If your sweeps name comes up, they are certified, if it does not come up, they are not certified.

Are your people WETT Certified? What does that mean?

Yes, absolutely, we are fully Certified through WETT, (Wood Energy Technology Transfer of Canada). WETT is the only recognized certification and education body in this industry in Canada. That means we are recognized by insurance companies and the government of Canada as being properly trained and experienced. WETT requires a minimum number of hours in the field be completed, as well as training courses and exams to be passed before they will certify someone. It is not mandatory in our industry to be trained or certified. WETT is a program we have chosen to be a part of in order to help our industry become more regulated and accountable. As “Advanced” technicians, sweeps, and inspectors, we both currently hold the highest levels of WETT Certification offered.

What does my insurance company mean when they say I need a “WETT Inspection”?

A WETT Inspection is an evaluation of your existing wood burning system, and a comparison of it against all applicable codes and standards, things like the BC Building Code, Fire Code, and Solid Fuel Appliance and Equipment Installation Code. So, a WETT trained Inspector will visually assess the existing installation, and determine whether or not it is compliant with current Codes. That is what gives the system a “pass” or a “fail” – whether or not it is “Code compliant”. We do not start a fire, operate the appliance, or troubleshoot performance during the course of a WETT Inspection.

How often does a chimney need cleaning?

Every homeowner has different burning habits, so every system is different. Technically, the BC Fire Code requires that every wood burning system be inspected annually, and cleaned as “often as necessary” (this is defined as when the chimney has 1/8″ thick deposits or more). Most home insurance companies follow the BC Fire Code requirements.  For our customers, we do a very thorough cleaning and evaluation the first visit, and one season after that we return to assess how often the system needs to be cleaned, based on the use and burning habits over one season. A general rule of thumb, with average use, would be once a year.

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