Our Chimney Services

WETT Certified Chimney Sweep Service:

Our WETT Trained sweeping standard ensures we are removing all deposits possible and doing the best job we can, even if it takes a little longer. All sweeps include a basic visual evaluation of the system and an invoice with the technician’s WETT number for your insurance file.

A WETT Certified sweep of one open fireplace and connected chimney includes a full sweep from the roof down, rotary power sweep of the smoke chamber and damper, vacuum the smoke shelf,  and sweep and vacuum the firebox.

A WETT Certified sweep of one woodstove/insert and the connected chimney includes a full sweep from the roof down, a rotary power sweep of the flue pipes for a wood stove, sweep and vacuum the baffle, rails, heat tubes, and firebox.

Unusually high or steep roofs may cost more, as does extra travel time if the home is outside our regular service area.  We have equipment to properly sweep a system from the bottom, which can be a better option if you have a fragile or unsafe roof.

If you need a more in depth cleaning or inspection, see below for details.

Pellet appliances usually require a different service.  At this time, we do not offer pellet appliance servicing or cleaning.

WETT Inspections for real estate or insurance requirements:

WETT inspections are an important service we offer. Many types of safety inspections can be done, and it is good to be aware that not all inspections are the same, and that all inspectors do not have the same level of training and experience.

We specialize in doing inspections conducted by a WETT Certified Inspector for insurance or real estate transaction purposes, also known as Comprehensive or Technical Inspections.  A Level 2 WETT Inspection Report covers all areas necessary to be considered an “insurance” or real estate inspection, including WETT checklist forms. 

We have the equipment, experience, and training to conduct more in depth Level 3 or “Invasive” WETT inspections where necessary. This type of inspection is not needed with every chimney sweep or real estate transaction, but may be necessary if the customer or technician suspects certain problems. 

It is important to note that even the most thorough inspection may not reveal all problems. Some areas of the chimney may not be accessible due to the construction of the house. Be sure to discuss any specific concerns with your technician. The chosen inspection level will reflect your comments and concerns.

Third Stage Creosote Deglazing:

Some chimneys may require a more in depth cleaning, know as a creosote “deglazing”.  This may be needed if the creosote has built up in thick tar like layers.  Glazed on creosote is a serious chimney fire hazard, and should be removed.  We have a specialized rotary mechanical tools to safely remove the build up.

Experience is critical with mechanical deglazing, as it is common for less experienced technicians to damage the chimney during the creosote removal process.  Safety is also super important, both to protect your home and our technician’s well being!  We have over 20 years experience using this particular deglazing system, and we have proper rigging and staging for roof safety when necessary.


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